Hello, I'm Jean from JeanSwing.com. I started my site back in 1999 as a way to meet hot guys, girls, and couples to satisfy my desire for sex. Since then I've made friends with many hot guys and girls, and I've taken many pictures and videos of all the fun I've been having. Occassionally I even have bar meets to meet my fans.. seems like I always end up getting fucked during those ;)

Our friends Zack, Casey and a few others rented a houseboat for the weekend and we had 3 days of none stop fucking. My pussy was so sore after that weekend I had trouble walking for a few days. In this set of photos Casey and I took turns fucking Zack. Eventually Zack unloaded his cum all over Casey's face and I went down to clean her up.. All of my pictures and videos are exclusive, I'm not a paid model, ex stripper, or anything like that... I'm a real housewife that loves to get fucked. If you want to see more of me or want to contact me, check out my site at JeanSwings.com



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